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Hello and welcome to my blog, an information bridge between applied psychology and law.  Thanks for visiting.  Please continue reading about me, the purpose of this blog, the intended audience, topics you can read about here, an invitation, and, of course, a disclaimer.

I am Dan DeFoe, a Kansas City, Missouri, trial attorney.  I have over 20 years of experience “in the trenches”.  In addition to full-time legal practice, I own and operate Adlitem Solutions, an organization development consulting firm.  Adlitem Solutions serves lawyers, law firms, and other professional services providers.

In my interesting legal career, I have served as an appellate judicial law clerk for an esteemed judge, small firm lawyer, solo practitioner, of counsel attorney with a multi-office law firm and also with a major regional plaintiff practice, and in-house corporate litigation and trial attorney for two large insurance companies.  Before starting law school at a very fine Midwestern law school as an “older student” with 3 children under the age of six, I worked as an allied health professional, radiologic technologist (x-ray technician), for 8 years.

I have a M.S. degree in organizational development psychology in addition to my law degree.  I studied advanced statistics and research methods and design; change processes and change management; leadership, power, and influence; individual and organizational psychology; training and development; and conflict management and conflict system design in my graduate psychology program.  Currently, I am pursuing part-time studies in a masters degree counseling psychology program.  My long-term goal is to transition from the active practice of law to become an executive coach and counselor to attorneys, judges, and other professional service providers.

I am qualified to purchase, administer, and interpret most of the normal personality assessments used in the business world.  I am certified to administer and interpret Steps I, II, and III of the Myers-Briggs MBTI assessment, the leading normal personality assessment used worldwide.  As far as I know, I am the only attorney in America certified to administer and interpret the MBTI Step III assessment.  Finally, I am certified to administer and interpret the EQ-i 2.0, the first scientifically validated and a leading emotional intelligence assessment.


The main goal of my blog is to provide an information bridge between the legal profession and applied psychological science.  Psycholawlogy.com exists to help legal service providers of all kinds including lawyers, judges, professors, and others, get connected with sound applied behavioral science and discover ways to better understand themselves, their clients or customers, and their work and workplaces so that they can find balance between work and personal life, do great work, and create and have greater places to work.

I hope that my blog will become your stopping place to explore and discover relevant, current information, grounded in scientific principles, about topics that will guide, inform, resonate and assist you in doing your legal work, in whatever venue that practice.  My purpose is to provide a bridge between applied behavioral science and the law.  No tolls here.  You just need to begin your journey, and take a stroll across to the other side.

Also, another important goal of this blog is to build a community of like-minded professionals who will share their own comments, insights, and suggestions, and ultimately benefit from the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of others.  So, please comment.  Let me know what has helped or what you would like to learn about in the future.  The community that we build together should be able to help.


Legal service providers work in a very unique psychological world.  The law is a profession that requires a keen analytical mind, the ability to write and speak authoritatively or persuasively, as the case may be, and, among many other factors, an empathic heart that appreciates or sustains the attorney-client relationship.  Most lawyers are aware of those dynamics.  Many lawyers whom I know also seem to be very interested in psychology.  Most lawyers, however, do not pursue more school after earning the JD degree.  I did.  I want to share that information.

It does not matter where you went to school or for whom you do your legal work.  Whether you are still in school, or thinking about it, or in your sole practitioner office, judicial chambers, BigLaw practice group, or in the C-suite, this blog will attempt to provide you with information, thoughts, analysis, and informed opinion about topics that you may find interesting, relevant, challenging, and helpful.

Topic Areas

My graduate program provided me advanced training in applied research design, process consultation, and planned change; leadership, power and influence; group and team dynamics; individual and organizational psychology; training and development, and group facilitation; and among others, conflict management and dispute resolution.  All of these things are material and relevant for legal service providers and their organizations.  By considering and applying lessons from these topics on this blog, lawyers and their service organizations can be better at their craft and do better work.

Psycholawlogy.com will also provide content relevant to the art and craft of dispute resolution.  From time to time, you will find content about mediation, arbitration, trial, and appeal.  Behavioral science principles are relevant to voir dire and jury selection, witness preparation and examination, damage evaluation, trial presentation, and jury argument, persuasion, and decision making.

Finally, you will see posts about “normal personality” and emotional intelligence.  If you are a lawyer, or judge, the latter topic should be on your radar screen.


Please visit my blog regularly, and contact me with your questions, comments, insights, and suggestions.


Dan DeFoe and this blog, www.psycholawlogy.com, do not provide legal services or psychological or counseling services to any person who reads or accesses this site or the content contained herein.  Reading or participating in Psycholawlogy.com does not make me your attorney or counselor or consultant nor does it make you a client, patient, or customer.


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