This post reviews a new book, New York Bar Picture Book: A Visual Study Guide for the New York Bar Exam, by Wela Quan. Her great book provides an interesting, delightful look at a special type of hand drawn notes – doodles – used by its author to study, prepare, take, and pass the New York bar exam. Wela’s creative, visual art genius covers the bar prep waterfront in her great book.

What’s inside? From contracts to domestic relations to evidence to torts and wills and estates, along with all the other stuff in between, including professional conduct, this legal visual art masterpiece provides a great tool for the lawyer in limine who must clear that hurdle – the bar exam. The author’s webpage describes it like this – “New York Bar Picture Book is an illustrated large format visual study outline for the New York State Bar Exam. It covers 16 areas of law tested on the Uniform Bar Exam with 100 pages of notes and hand drawn cartoons.”

With a good table of contents and an exceptional subject index, Wela’s first-of-its-kind work of visual art should help its readers navigate the legal waterfront both before and after the bar exam. The author makes no guarantees, and provides a humorous three paragraph disclaimer. Those interested in learning more can tap into Wela’s story, former work as a corporate lawyer, humor, comics and art, heartfelt blog entries, contact information, and access book purchase information at New York Bar Picture Book. Refresh, behold, and enjoy.

Doodles and science? See Andrade, J. (2010). What does doodling do?. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 24(1), 100-106 (copy currently available here)(first experimental test of prediction that doodling improves concentration showed that doodling while working can improve concentration and improve memory recall). See also Courneya, C. A. (2012). Medical doodles: 30 minutes well spent. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 184(12), 1395-1396 (copy currently available here)(interesting essay about medical student who incorporates art-making into daily learning routine).

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